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Our Story. Our Mission.

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Hello, I’m Tony Salomone,
Founder and CEO of Beach Athletic Company.

My mission is to deliver more than just exercise equipment, The Fitness Frame™ assists in fulfilling dreams of optimal health and fitness.

Our flagship product, The Fitness Frame™ was designed & patented to specifically address the challenges of working the upper body effectively.  Because it’s amphibious, you are able to use The Fitness Frame on land and in water so you can perform strength, cardio, and core exercises with perfect form. Other uses include recovery/rehabilitation and adaptability for so many people that experience life-altering situations & circumstances … we provide solutions.

The Fitness Frame™ by Beach Athletic Company


For 25 years, my mother Mary lived with me and I oversaw her care. She lived to 40 days short of her 100th birthday. Seeing her go from walking on her own to a walker then a wheelchair, losing her strength, coordination and confidence made me continue to come up with exercises to improve her strength and balance.

My mom is the inspiration for The Fitness Frame™ and she used my first prototype well into her 90’s. She showed me the benefit of exercising at any age, and what a positive attitude and staying fully engaged in life can do to extend the quality of our later years. She inspired my passion for health and fitness today and her spirit fuels my desire to help others.