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COVID-19 Statement

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March 21, 2020



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Tony Salomone
Founder & CEO

Beach Athletic Company
Office 813-483-9000


My Friends and Fitness Family,

Here at Beach Athletic Company, we built our company on a vision of wellness at all ages. As we face the unprecedented and evolving challenges impacting all of us during this pandemic, and heeding the advice of organizations like C.D.C. and W.H.O., our hearts and prayers are with you and your family, and our global community. And, most importantly, be well!

We know there’s so much information about COVID-19 right now that it can be overwhelming. We also know the most healthy people with few preexisting conditions fair better than those with more health challenges.

We’re here to help!

We understand that one of the most critical things right now is ensuring we as individuals are as healthy and fit as possible. Our fitness and wellness routines boost our immune response, help relieve stress, and give us an opportunity for fun and mindfulness. And here is my commitment to you…

I Commit To Fit

To serve you, we’re assembling a coalition of fitness professionals, trainers, nutritionists, medical, and other professionals to provide fitness resources directly to you, the communities we serve.

Follow us or sign up for our email list, where Beach Athletics and our coalition partners will share at-home exercises, training videos, and other wellness resources in the coming days and weeks.

If you’re a fitness professional, nutritionist, doctor, nurse, graphic designer, caregiver, performer, gym enthusiast, We’d love for you to join our coalition of partners. We intend to band together to better serve as a unified community to serve everyone’s wellness right now.

Inventing and sharing ways to be healthy at any age has been and continues to be my commitment to you. My mother Mary was my inspiration for the Fitness Frame, and the prototype I built her allowed us to keep her active, healthy, and strong. She is the reason I launched Beach Athletic and is the force behind our company’s mission. As I was with her, I’m here for you and commitment to serving your lifelong wellness, in this moment and beyond. Be fit, healthy and well!  We’re in this together.