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Who is Beach Athletic Company?

Beach Athletic Company began when Tony Salomone, founder and CEO watched his mother Mary, who, starting in her mid 80’s, went from walking on her own to using a walker and then a wheelchair.  Her loss of strength, coordination and confidence made me continually create exercises to keep her motivated and improve her balance and strength. That gave birth to The Fitness Frame™ and mom used the first prototype into her late 90’s.  The Fitness Frame™ really came to life when I took the concept to water.  Although I had always been into fitness and knew the benefits of body weight exercises, I could only do a few pull-ups correctly before poor form set in.  I knew doing the exercise incorrectly would not properly activate the targeted muscles and would also increase my risk of injury.  BUT an adjustable bar, suspended above the surface of the water now made it possible for anyone to do pull-ups.  As one of the best overall upper body exercises, correctly performed pull-ups accelerates your results while decreasing exercise-induced injury. Over the last few years, The Fitness Frame™ has become my primary means of exercise as I worked on perfecting prototypes.  It sounds cliché but I turned 60 years old in 2019 and I really am in the best shape of my life.  Lastly, our products and business are our livelihoods so we pride ourselves in customer service and strive to satisfy every customer.

When will I receive my item?

You should receive your order in around 5 business days.  Orders are typically shipped the same day and transit time is 3 to 5 days. When your order is shipped you will receive an email along with tracking information.

What is your return Policy?

Returns are accepted within 30 days of receipt of item. The buyer is responsible for shipping costs with the exception of returning an item that is damaged.

What happens if my item is damaged?

We hold ourselves responsible for the item(s) safely arriving at your door. If the item(s) are damaged during shipping we will quickly send a replacement and make arrangements for the damaged item to be returned at no cost to you.

Can The Fitness Frame™ be used in the ocean?

Yes.  The Fitness Frame is made for pools, spas, lakes, and oceans. After use in any water, The Fitness Frame should be disassembled, including separating each lower leg from the upper leg, rinsed well removing any sand or dirt, and allow to dry before reassembly.

What is The Fitness Frame™ made of?
  • The lower leg is powder-coated aluminum
  • The upper leg, bar, and hardware are stainless steel
  • Bar wing nut is brass with a black polymer coating
  • End caps are heavy-duty, non-slip rubber
Will The Fitness Frame™ rust or corrode?

No.  After use in any water, The Fitness Frame should be disassembled, including separating each lower leg from the upper leg, rinsed well removing any sand or dirt, and let dry before reassembly.

Is The Fitness Frame™ portable?

Yes.  The included bag allows you the carry The Fitness Frame with one hand or over your shoulder.

Can The Fitness Frame™ be used on uneven surfaces such as a slope in a pool, lake or ocean?

Yes.  The Fitness Frame was specifically built for uneven surfaces, four independently telescoping legs can each be adjusted to different lengths to accommodate the terrain.

Is The Fitness Frame™ difficult to set up?

No.  The only assembly is attaching the legs, much the same when taking it apart and once you put the wing nuts on the bolt in the top bar clamp you can leave them in. No tools required for assembly.

How much does The Fitness Frame™ weigh?

31LBS / 14kg

Do you offer free shipping?

We do not offer free shipping but we do offer low-cost shipping.

Can I ship to another country?

We do offer to ship to other countries. Please call or email for a shipping quote.

Can I ship to an address other than my billing address?

Yes.   During the checkout process, you will have the opportunity to ship to another address. 

Start Your Journey

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We would love to see you start your journey towards optimal health, if we can help please contact us.